Skilled Assistance with Family Law Matters

At Gregory A. Voyles P.C. Attorney at Law, we practice "people law." We focus on handling a wide range of legal matters that impact our clients' families. Of course, nowhere is this truer than in our family law practice. If you are facing any type of family law matter, our lawyers can provide you with family-focused, client-centered representation.

Backed by more than 50 years of combined experience, the lawyers of Gregory A. Voyles P.C. Attorney at Law, share a commitment to helping every client through the divorce process. Serving clients throughout the Valdosta, Georgia, area, our divorce attorneys will take the time to understand your objectives and the challenges you are facing. We will explain your options and help you make smart, informed decisions that will yield the outcome you need.

Division of Assets

If equitable distribution of assets is not handled properly in your divorce, you could stand to lose out considerably. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience handling all types of asset division matters, from simple estates with minimal property to the most complex, high-asset divorces. We will protect your financial interests through all aspects of your divorce.

Child Support, Custody and Visitation

There are a number of child-related issues for every divorcing couple that has children. Some issues are financial and others involve the child's schedule and parenting plans. We can help protect you and your children through the divorce process.

Military Divorce

We proudly represent military personnel from the local Moody Air Force Base and other military members in their divorces. Military pensions, being stationed outside of the area in which the divorce will take place, the complicated nature of dividing military pensions, and other issues can present challenges in any military divorce. We have the experience to help protect your interest throughout the process.

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