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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious criminal charge. In Georgia, you could face serious criminal penalties even with a first-offense conviction, and of course these penalties increase significantly with multiple convictions. In addition to the criminal penalties, a conviction can have significant consequences on your personal and professional life, as well.

Make sure you take these charges seriously by working with a DUI defense lawyer who has the experience and tenacity to protect your rights and interests in the courtroom and help you get the best results possible.

At Gregory A. Voyles P.C. Attorney at Law, in Valdosta, Georgia, we have more than 50 years of combined legal experience between our two attorneys. As a smaller firm, we are able to provide you with the benefit of our experience combined with uniquely personalized attention to your defense at a reasonable cost. We will take the time to work with you personally and remain available to you throughout your case.

DUI Defense

We have a wealth of experience defending clients against DUI charges, including first-offense and second- and multiple-offense charges. Our attorneys know how to assess a case and determine the best course of action. Through intense research and case preparation, we can possibly either plea down the charges, find a way to get the case dismissed or find other avenues to minimize the damage that a DUI charge can have on your life.

Suspended License Defense

In addition to the criminal penalties that come from a DUI conviction, there is an administrative license suspension process.

After receiving a ticket for DUI, the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) process begins automatically. You only have 10 business days from that point to petition for a hearing, or your license will be suspended.

We can help you make a timely petition and represent you in all necessary hearings to help you retain your driving privileges.

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